Written by Aman Anderson
June 29, 2012 at 16:07

On Creativity is a lovely series of short, informal interviews with designers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, animators, educators, and others. In the above video On Creativity talks with filmmaker and photographer Andrew Zuckerman as he discusses the nature of creativity, the creative process and the importance of not knowing.

“Being the person that always knows and always has an answer, doesn’t leave a lot of room for learning. And for people to have the energy to teach yourself. The more I work, the closer I get to not knowing and to understanding that what matters is the responses not the pre-determined idea.”

- Andrew Zuckerman

His talk on creativity impresses me greatly. He explains how creativity is a transformation from one thing to another as washing dishes. Any sort of transformation is apart of creativity. He further details how creativity has become a “coveted club” of exclusiveness that has become judged by visual artist, which he further explains is terrible. He says, “The less we think about the delineation between creative and non-creative people, the better our world will be.” – Andrew Zuckerman

(via The Daily Heller)

  • Davis Fingers

    Zuckerman’s words were powerful!  I feel creative when I set the table for the meal my hands have prepared!  Creativity space is everywhere: in prisons, in classrooms, in grocery stores, in church pews, with children, senior people and with animals.  Creavity is everywhere!  

    Zucherman’s interviews are helpful, useful and motivating. 

    • http://www.amananderson.com/ aman anderson

      I agree! He really paints an amazing picture on transformation, and washing dishes. Little everyday things that manifest creative characteristics. It’s amazing.